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Recent Updates

Its been a busy month, lots of updates and work in progress.

First I added 2 new Dinosaurs to Dinosaur Sim. Pachycephhlosaurus and Argentinosaurus are now playable Dinosaurs. I still have at least 2 more dinosaurs to add in the near future including the requested Pteranodon. Although I already have an animated pteranodon I need to first add a larger playable world (so you can fly further) and implement flying (which is not easy)

Dinosaur Sim

After that I did some much needed updates to 3 Jewels.  This was a major overhaul to the game-play system.  Originally 3 Jewels only had 1 mode of play I call endless mode.  This meant that you could play for hours until you run out of valid moves, which was mainly up to luck.  Now on top of the existing endless mode, 3 Jewels also has over 50 challenge levels that allow you to compete with a limited number of moves. This update also came with new game-play features such as Jewel Bombs, Blocks and Slide to Move.


Also during all these updates I have also been working on a new version of Train Sim.  This new version will feature a new Indian Scene which has been requested by many Indian fans of the game.  Work is moving along well although I still have a few weeks remaining to ensure high quality and a nice finish.


Finally I am celebrating 1 millionth download of Flight Sim.  This is one of my favorite games and I am so very happy that over 1 million players got to enjoy the value that Flight Sim provides.  Most other games ask you to pay for each airplane but Flight Sim gives you 18 free airplanes with no in game purchases.  (Like all my games)


Trains & Dinosaurs

Its been a busy few weeks.  First I updated Train Sim with 2 (yes 2) new Trains; Class 91 & Bombardier Talent.  If that was not enough I also added a new Train Selector and fixed a bunch of bugs.

I am proud to say that Train Sim now features 44 Trains.  Thats 44 high quality realistic trains with full 3D cabins and custom sounds.   This update is now available on Android, Amazon & iOS.

Train Sim 44 Trains Free

 I have to say Train Sim came a long way in just over 2 years, I can only imagine where it will be in 2 more.

If that was not enough I also posted an Update to Dinosaur Sim.  Although Dinosaur Sim is a fairly recent addition to my game lineup, it has proven to be very popular.  So this week I added 2 new Dinosaurs (Styracosaurs & Kentrosaurus) to Dinosaur Sim.  I am happy to say that this update is also already available on Android & iOS with Amazon coming soon.

Dinosaur Sim

I am also working on a Windows 10 version of Dinosaur Sim, I may be able to submit it next week.

To keep up to date on what is going on at 3583 Bytes please follow me on Twitter.  I try to post every day so you should always know what I am working on.


Publishing to multiple platforms

Need CoffeeOk so I have spent the last week porting the new versions of my games to various platforms.  Here is my list of accomplishments:

I still have to build the new version of Train Sim for Windows Store & Windows Phone.

Need More Coffee!

Dinosaur Sim Released

Dinosaur SimAfter months of work I am happy to release Dinosaur Sim for Android.

Dinosaur Sim allows you to play as one of the 12 popular Dinosaurs. Fight your way to the top of the food chain or play as a peaceful herbivore in a realistic 3D environment. Each Dinosaur is beatify animated and has realistic sounds. Dinosaur Sim is action packed but also has educational modes in a perfect mix to keep you playing and learning for hours

Dinosaur Sim also contains 3 additional game modes including;

– Dino Safari mode, learn about each of the Dinosaurs in the game,
– Dino Paint mode, colour your favourite Dinosaurs
– Dino Museum mode, learn about fossils and Dinosaur Bones


– 12 Realistic Playable Dinosaurs
– 4 Game Modes
– Realistic 3D Graphics & Animations
– Educational
– No In Game Purchases

Dinosaur Sim

Google Play (Android) Store Listing