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Car Crashers 1 Million Downloads

Car Crashers

Today I am celebrating the 1,000,000 download of Car Crashers.  Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed playing this game over the last 15 months.  I am happy that a game I made to stop my son from crashing toy cars in real life, turned into so much virtual crashing fun for him and so many other players.  Stay tuned for future updates to Car Crashers, starting with an update to the Windows 10 version.



3 Jeweled 2 Million Downloads

3 Jeweled Puzzle Game

Today 3 Jeweled was downloaded for the 2,000,000 time.  I would like to thank all the people who have enjoyed 3 Jeweled over the last 2 years.  I also would like to thank everyone for all the positive reviews and comments you have left me.  I read them often and take all of your feedback seriously.  Currently the most asked for feature is a mute button so people can listen to their own music while playing.  I am planning to add this in the next update.

Happy Playing!