Train Sim

The #1 Mobile Train Simulator over 16 million downloads on Google Play, Train Sim is a 3D Train Simulator that allows you to drive over 40 a trains through 8 environments or create custom environments for your trains.  Control speed, direction, sound horn and bell, control train lights, switch between night and day mode all with multiple camera angles.  Watch as the train goes by from a station or sit inside a realistc 3D cabin.

Train Sim Southern England


I originally wrote this game for my 18 month old son. He was easily able to learn how to control all of the above features within a few minutes. Although the controls are extremely simple even for a kid, adults that like trains will find plenty of enjoyment in this simple yet fun train simulator.

Within the first month of its release Train Sim was downloaded over 1,000,000 times on the Android platform, reaching the top 100 most popular Casual Games in Google Play. Although Train Sim originally started as a fun project it has now became the foundation for 3583 Bytes.

Train Sim New Farm Land Scene


-Awesomely realistic 3D graphics
-48 realistic 3D Train Types
-33 Train Car Types
-8 realistic 3D environments
-1 Kids Scene with Toy Trains
-1 Underground Subway Scene
-Custom Environment Editor
-Cab views for all trains
-Train derailments
-Kid friendly
-Realistic sounds
-Easy controls
-Regular content updates
-No In-App Purchasing

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