Car Crashers3583 Bytes is the leading Indie Game Developer Kids Car Racersfocusing on Android, iOS, Windows Store/Phone platforms.  We currently have 12 fun titles  with over 13 million users.  Our mission is to create fun games that are easy enough for kids to use, and fun enough for adults to enjoy.

Who is behind 3583 Bytes?

Train Simulator3583 Bytes was started by Adam Berent after creating several games for his son including the popular Train Simulator; Train Sim & Kids Car Racers.  For more information see the Team Page.


What does 3583 Bytes Mean?

Commodore VIC-203583 Bytes was the amount of free program memory that an 80s micro computer called the VIC-20 had available for writing  programs.  It is enough to hold about a single page of text.  Yet the VIC-20 had some really fun games & was a very successful micro computer of its time.  Its It is a reminder of both the speed with which technology changes, and how much can be accomplished with very little resources.

Where is 3583 Bytes located?

3583 Bytes is located in Calgary Canada.





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