Flight Sim

Take the controls and fly 20 realistic airplanes in this high quality Flight Simulator. Control your aircraft through endless environments that includes cities, mountains, lakes, oceans and farms, or complete one of many missions available. Flight Sim features realistically modelled airplanes with interior cabins and moving components. This is a must for any flight simulator fans.

Flight Sim


  • 20 Detailed Realistic Airplanes
  • 4 Realistic Environments
  • Crashes with Visual Damage
  • Multiple Camera Views including pilot seat.
  • Multiple Missions
  • 4 Axis Aircraft Control
  • No in game purchases

Flight Sim

Here is what our customers are saying about Flight Sim:

“This is a amazing game that takes a little getting used 2, but is good, and it has no in app purchases… all the planes are free!!!”

“My 9 yr old loves this. He even says he wants to join the airforce now. Guesss he likes it”

“The controls are really easy and the game is so fun you should get t it is fun”

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