The Games

If you are looking for great games you came to the right place.

Train Simulator

Train Sim: With over 32M downloads, Train Sim is the realistic train game suitable for both adults and kids who enjoy trains. Control your more than 50 historical and modern trains which are perfectly recreated in 3D for your mobile device.

Dinosaur Sim

Dinosaur Sim – Dinosaur Sim allows you to play as one of the 20 popular Dinosaurs.  Fight your way to the top of the food chain or play as a peaceful herbivore in a realistic 3D environment.

Idle Rail Tycoon

Idle Train Tycoon – Are you a true train & railway fan? Become a real train tycoon by earning money & expanding your railway and upgrading your trains! In this game, you can become a real train master: build your stations, improve train efficiency, increase revenue of your rolling stock.

Flight Sim – Take the controls and fly realistic airplanes in this high quality Flight Simulator. Control your aircraft through an endless environment that includes cities, mountains, lakes and farms, or complete one of many missions available. This is a must for any flight simulator fans.

Kids Train Sim

Kids Trains – Train Simulator for kids, control a train as it goes around a track. Activate the horn or bell, control speed. Stop and stations, switch between passenger, steam and freight trains. Pan/Zoom around the train or enjoy the ride as one of the passengers.

Kids Car Racers

Kids Car Racers – Endless Car Racing game for kids.  Control the car by tilting your device, as well as bump the other cars & obstacles on the track.  Available for Android, iOS & Windows Store.

3 Jeweled

3 Jewels -The new Match-3 Jewels puzzle game with addictive gameplay. Swap jewels to match 3 or more and create waves of excitement in this fun and delicious puzzle game. Crush 200 Jewelled Challenge Levels & become the 3 Jewels Leaderboard Champion or simply enjoy Endless Matching.

Jigsaw Puzzle Icon

Jigsaw Puzzle X – Amazing jigsaw puzzles with 100, 300 and even 500 pieces; featuring beautifull high definition images that were hand picked from the best photographers and artist available.

Car Crashers

Car Crashers – Most car games are about racing. This game is all about crashing cars. Pick a direction, launch your car and watch it fly off the ramp. The more things you crash into, the higher your score will be.

Paper Pilot

Paper Pilot – Fly a paper airplane through a house avoiding obstacles in this action puzzle game. Your glider has good flight characteristics but without an engine it looses height and will eventually hit the floor. You must use wind coming from floor vents to achieve lift and avoid obstacles.

Aquarium Sim – Aquarium Sim is an interactive virtual Aquarium for your phone & tablet. Sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of marine & freshwater fish swimming about in a colorful coral reef habitat.

Ant Sim

Ant Sim – Play the role of an Ant in an Ant Colony, collect food for your Queen, dig subterranean tunnels, customize and decorate your environment.  Call your friendly black ants to attack the red ant colony, and most importantly run away from the Spiders.

Chess Pro Icon

Chess – Free Chess Game featuring great graphics, sound and strong computer opponent.  Includes a 3D and 2D, multiple strength options PNG Export as well as game saving.