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Working on an Aquarium Game

Recently I started working on a new Aquarium Simulator game (at least while the next Train is being built by my 3D Artist for Train Sim).

Aquarium Sim

As usual the game is going to be free and have no in-app purchases.  It will feature both a freshwater aquarium as well as a marine (saltwater) one.

So far I have the Fish AI complete.  They swim within the bounds of their aquarium along with avoidance of their environment.  Currently you can also feed the fish, as well as tap the aquarium to watch them follow your finger.

Aquarium Sim

Currently I am working on a screen that will allow you to setup the fish in the aquarium and provide you some information about each of the fish.  This is actually a challenge to do, as my screen has too many buttons and is currently not intuitive.   Maybe I have to divide it into 2 screens instead.

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