Train Sim – Subway Update

Train Sim SubwayA new version of Train Sim is now available for Android and iOS, featuring a Train Sim Subwaycompletely new and much larger Subway Scene. An updated Subway Scene has been requested by users for some time now, and I decided to not disappoint.  The new Subway Scene features 15 Stations and 3 outside portions.  Simply put, its huge!

This new version of Train Sim also contains another much requested feature, electrical poles! When running an electric train, the Metropolis and Port scenes will display electrical posts above the track.  I have not yet added this to the other scenes because I am not sure how well the electrical poles will look in the Desert.

Train Sim SubwayTrain Sim Future: I am planning to add additional subway trains and expand some of the existing train to feature 3D cabs with the eventual goal of having 3D cabs in all Train Sim trains.  Also electrical poles will for sure be added to the Airport Scene

One of the challenges I am currently facing is download size.  Train Sim Android is currently just under 50MB, meaning it can be downloaded as a single file.  Once I cross the 50MB file size I will be forced to split Train Sim into 2 downloads (main and additional content).  This is something I really do not want to do.  So I will have to spend some time modifying existing content to be stored more efficiently.  This will hopefully postpone this issue by an extra year.