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Updates on Windows 10

Just thought I would post an update on what I have been up to lately.

Over the last few weeks I have been updating several of my games for Windows 10 to catch up to their Android/iOS versions. This is as always a painful process.

Need Coffee

The good news is I have also adapted a new monetization strategy and made these games free with ads. Traditionally all my games on the Windows Store have been monetized with purchases $1-2 each. This is because that Google Admob does not serve Ads on Windows Store platforms.

However, recently I saw that Microsoft has partnered with Vungle to provide Video Ads on the Windows Store.  I investigated further and found that they have a fairly easy Unity3D SDK.  So my quest began.

So far I have managed to update Car Crashers & Ant Sim & both are now free on the Windows Store & I am working on Updating Kids Trains.

Over the next few months I will monitor closely if these games will become more more popular as free games.  If it works out, I will continue integrating the Vungle SDK in to my Windows Store games and changing their price to free.  Who knows maybe there is a free version of Train Sim in the future for Windows Store!