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Updates on Windows 10

Just thought I would post an update on what I have been up to lately.

Over the last few weeks I have been updating several of my games for Windows 10 to catch up to their Android/iOS versions. This is as always a painful process.

Need Coffee

The good news is I have also adapted a new monetization strategy and made these games free with ads. Traditionally all my games on the Windows Store have been monetized with purchases $1-2 each. This is because that Google Admob does not serve Ads on Windows Store platforms.

However, recently I saw that Microsoft has partnered with Vungle to provide Video Ads on the Windows Store.  I investigated further and found that they have a fairly easy Unity3D SDK.  So my quest began.

So far I have managed to update Car Crashers & Ant Sim & both are now free on the Windows Store & I am working on Updating Kids Trains.

Over the next few months I will monitor closely if these games will become more more popular as free games.  If it works out, I will continue integrating the Vungle SDK in to my Windows Store games and changing their price to free.  Who knows maybe there is a free version of Train Sim in the future for Windows Store!




Publishing to multiple platforms

Need CoffeeOk so I have spent the last week porting the new versions of my games to various platforms.  Here is my list of accomplishments:

I still have to build the new version of Train Sim for Windows Store & Windows Phone.

Need More Coffee!

Lots of New Updates

New Versions for Everyone!

For the first time in a long time, the newest versions my major games are available for iOS, Android & Windows Store in the same time.  I usually focus on updating Android first and then spend the time to port the new updates to iOS & Windows (because iOS and Windows is much harder to do).  In reality this means that the iOS & Windows Store versions of Train Sim, Flight Sim, Car Crashers & Kids Car Racers are often 2 versions behind the Android counterparts.

However because the last few versions of my games had some fairly significant updates I spent the time necessary to update these games for all the platforms.

Here are the highlights of the recent changes:

  • Flight Sim received its 10th airplane and some major bug fixes.  Version 2.1.2 available now on iOS and Android
  • Car Crashers received a T34 Tank you can crash and some significant user interface fixes.  Version 1.8.6 is now available for Android, iOS & Windows Store (Windows Phone Coming soon)
  • Kids Car Racers received an 18th car (GoKart) and an improved menu with pictures, so that kids can easily see what scene they are choosing.  Version 1.9.2 is available on Android and is under review for iOS.  Windows Store/Phone coming soon.
  • Most importantly Train Sim has been updated to contain 3D Cabins for all trains.  Version 3.4.4 is also available for Android, iOS, Windows Store & Windows Phone

What’s Next?

I have a finished Airbus A380 Model finished for Flight Sim,  my next focus will be to update Flight Sim with its 11th free airplane.