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All the Other Games

If you read my Twitter & Facebook posts it may feel like I only work on Train Sim.  While Train Sim is my most popular game with very active & vocal fans, I have 22 other games I made that are also quite popular.  So after my last Train Sim release I decided to focus on updating all my other games.  Here are some of the highlights of the awesome new features now available.

Kids Train Sim

Kids Train Sim received a much needed overhaul.  I actually deleted all the scripts/code from this game and replaced them with them with code from Train Sim.  This I was able to provide all the updates, fixes & features of Train Sim but in a more kid friendly package.  Features like train decoupling, improved passengers, manual door control, custom environments & new user interface are now available in Kids Train Sim.  While I was there, I also added a new City Scene & New Trains.  All of this took a while to implement but I think the end result was worth it.

Kids Train Sim

3 Jewels Sequel

Because every game company should have a Match 3 Game!  As some of you may know I have a very popular Match 3 game called 3 Jewels.  I have been secretly working on a sequel called 3 Jewels 2 with 300 new challenge levels, new graphics and awesome new effects and game mechanics.  3 Jewels 2 is currently available on Google Play and so far the reviews are 5 stars!

3Jewels 2

Aquarium Sim

Aquarium Sim is one of my newer games that I am trying to promote.  So far its launch was a bit bumpy but it is improving.  On this latest update I improved the Custom Environment Feature.  Just like in Train Sim you can now move items around after they are placed.  I also fixed a few bugs that Improved the overall experience.  I am happy to report that after this new update the average rating on Google Play has improved to 4.0.

Aquarium Sim

Kids Car Racers

I was watching my son Play Mario Kart and noticed that the karts in that game can launch things (mostly shells) at each other.  I decided that this would be a fun feature in Kids Car Racers.  So the new version of Kids Car Racers now allows players to launch Barrels at the other cars.  I also added a new Alternate Reality Scene which allows players to race cars, well in their living room and wherever they are.  The scenery from their environment comes directly from the camera just like in Pokemon Go.  The effect is quite cool.

Kids Car Racers AR

Updates on Windows 10

Just thought I would post an update on what I have been up to lately.

Over the last few weeks I have been updating several of my games for Windows 10 to catch up to their Android/iOS versions. This is as always a painful process.

Need Coffee

The good news is I have also adapted a new monetization strategy and made these games free with ads. Traditionally all my games on the Windows Store have been monetized with purchases $1-2 each. This is because that Google Admob does not serve Ads on Windows Store platforms.

However, recently I saw that Microsoft has partnered with Vungle to provide Video Ads on the Windows Store.  I investigated further and found that they have a fairly easy Unity3D SDK.  So my quest began.

So far I have managed to update Car Crashers & Ant Sim & both are now free on the Windows Store & I am working on Updating Kids Trains.

Over the next few months I will monitor closely if these games will become more more popular as free games.  If it works out, I will continue integrating the Vungle SDK in to my Windows Store games and changing their price to free.  Who knows maybe there is a free version of Train Sim in the future for Windows Store!