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Flight Sim Major Update

For a while I have been unhappy with the quality of the environments in Flight Sim compared to other flight simulators available for the mobile platforms.  Many of my competitors used real arial photos to build their terrains.  Even though Flight Sim offered 20 free airplanes while my competitors offered only 1-2 free airplanes (with others costing $2-$3 each), Flight Sim was failing to capture market share.  I believed that the quality of the terrains (and some other bugs) was the major reason for the poor reviews that Flight Sim was getting.  So over the last few months I have been working on a major update to Flight Sim, more of a redesign that improved the quality & realism of the environments available in the game.

Flight Sim


Prior to posting any preview videos on my progress I had to first figure out how to use real arial shots of terrains in a game, without crashing the average phone.  That process took a month on its own with many failed experiments and wasted hours.

However at the end I was able to create a fairly realist environment that will work on the majority of mobile devices.  Since July 18th I have been posting these preview videos on Youtube documenting my progress.

Today I am happy to announce that Flight Sim for Android is now live! The iPhone/iPad version has already been submitted to the store and should be live within a few days.

As always I look forward to your comments and suggestions.  Feel free to post them on my Twitter or Facebook Page.


Recent Updates

Its been a busy month, lots of updates and work in progress.

First I added 2 new Dinosaurs to Dinosaur Sim. Pachycephhlosaurus and Argentinosaurus are now playable Dinosaurs. I still have at least 2 more dinosaurs to add in the near future including the requested Pteranodon. Although I already have an animated pteranodon I need to first add a larger playable world (so you can fly further) and implement flying (which is not easy)

Dinosaur Sim

After that I did some much needed updates to 3 Jewels.  This was a major overhaul to the game-play system.  Originally 3 Jewels only had 1 mode of play I call endless mode.  This meant that you could play for hours until you run out of valid moves, which was mainly up to luck.  Now on top of the existing endless mode, 3 Jewels also has over 50 challenge levels that allow you to compete with a limited number of moves. This update also came with new game-play features such as Jewel Bombs, Blocks and Slide to Move.


Also during all these updates I have also been working on a new version of Train Sim.  This new version will feature a new Indian Scene which has been requested by many Indian fans of the game.  Work is moving along well although I still have a few weeks remaining to ensure high quality and a nice finish.


Finally I am celebrating 1 millionth download of Flight Sim.  This is one of my favorite games and I am so very happy that over 1 million players got to enjoy the value that Flight Sim provides.  Most other games ask you to pay for each airplane but Flight Sim gives you 18 free airplanes with no in game purchases.  (Like all my games)


Publishing to multiple platforms

Need CoffeeOk so I have spent the last week porting the new versions of my games to various platforms.  Here is my list of accomplishments:

I still have to build the new version of Train Sim for Windows Store & Windows Phone.

Need More Coffee!

Flight Sim Update 2 New Airplanes

Flight Sim for Android has been updated with 2 new airplanes and many improvements and bug fixes.  This update brings the total number of airplanes to 16.  My goal for this year is to bring the number of airplanes to 20 so I think I am right on track.  As always these new airplanes are available for free and there are no in-app purchases in Flight Sim.

Flight Sim DC-7

-Added DC-7 & Beriew A40 Airplanes
-Improved Horizon and Cloud Cover
-Improved Cessna 182 Model
-Added Options for Graphics Quality & System of Measurement (Metric/Imperial)

Lots of New Updates

New Versions for Everyone!

For the first time in a long time, the newest versions my major games are available for iOS, Android & Windows Store in the same time.  I usually focus on updating Android first and then spend the time to port the new updates to iOS & Windows (because iOS and Windows is much harder to do).  In reality this means that the iOS & Windows Store versions of Train Sim, Flight Sim, Car Crashers & Kids Car Racers are often 2 versions behind the Android counterparts.

However because the last few versions of my games had some fairly significant updates I spent the time necessary to update these games for all the platforms.

Here are the highlights of the recent changes:

  • Flight Sim received its 10th airplane and some major bug fixes.  Version 2.1.2 available now on iOS and Android
  • Car Crashers received a T34 Tank you can crash and some significant user interface fixes.  Version 1.8.6 is now available for Android, iOS & Windows Store (Windows Phone Coming soon)
  • Kids Car Racers received an 18th car (GoKart) and an improved menu with pictures, so that kids can easily see what scene they are choosing.  Version 1.9.2 is available on Android and is under review for iOS.  Windows Store/Phone coming soon.
  • Most importantly Train Sim has been updated to contain 3D Cabins for all trains.  Version 3.4.4 is also available for Android, iOS, Windows Store & Windows Phone

What’s Next?

I have a finished Airbus A380 Model finished for Flight Sim,  my next focus will be to update Flight Sim with its 11th free airplane.


Flight Sim & Car Crashers Updated

Flight Sim for Android received a new Cirrus SR22 airplane.  This brings a total to 9 free airplanes that you can choose in this exciting mobile Flight Simulator.  My goal is to bring the total to 20 airplanes in a short period of time.  These will all be free to fly with no in game purchases.  iOS update will follow soon.

Flight Sim Cirrus

Car Crashers for Android also received a new update in which I added a new vehicle to crash: T34 Tank.  I also fixed the controls by changing their style from additive to fixed.  I found that it was too hard to aim the vehicle before launching it, especially for kids.  iOS update will follow soon.

Car Crashers Tank