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Flight Sim Update 2 New Airplanes

Flight Sim for Android has been updated with 2 new airplanes and many improvements and bug fixes.  This update brings the total number of airplanes to 16.  My goal for this year is to bring the number of airplanes to 20 so I think I am right on track.  As always these new airplanes are available for free and there are no in-app purchases in Flight Sim.

Flight Sim DC-7

-Added DC-7 & Beriew A40 Airplanes
-Improved Horizon and Cloud Cover
-Improved Cessna 182 Model
-Added Options for Graphics Quality & System of Measurement (Metric/Imperial)

Bus Sim Released

Bus SimI am happy to announce that a new simulation game Bus Sim is now available for Android (iOS coming soon)

Take the controls and drive a realistic Bus through a detailed city full of pedestrians and cars. Control your bus in two game modes: missions (shifts) and free drive (where you can cause as

much damage as you like). Bus Sim features realistically modelled buses with interior cabins and moving components. This is a must for any simulator fans.


-2 Game Modes
-Detailed Realistic 3D Bus
-Realistic Crashes with Visual Damage
-Multiple Camera Views including driver seat.
-Multiple Missions
-Tilt Control
-No in game purchases
-Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices

Google Play (Android) Store Listing