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Tasks the Indie Way

There are many frameworks for managing tasks for large teams, such as Kanban, Agile & Scrum and there are excellent tools managing these frameworks. However these tools can be overkill for developers like me, working alone.

In theory you don’t need allot, after all how much does a single developer need to remember.  For a while I simply used a word processor on a 1985 Macintosh Plus. (Because I wanted a reason to turn it on)

Macintosh Plus

This however had a disadvantage of not fitting in my pocket so I could not add things on the go.  I needed an app.

Since I am a developer I could make that app, one that fits my exact requirements based on standards that I learned during my work on large software development teams, but tailored to the needs of a single Indie Developer.

The finished product is Indie Tasks, an app for recording and managing tasks for 1 Indie Game or App developer.  Now available for iPhone & Android.  An app made by and Indie Developer for Indie Developers.  Tested & used daily by myself.

Indie Tasks Main Indie Tasks Graph Indie Tasks Backlog

In Indie tasks you will find standard familiar terms & processes from Scrum & Agile such as:

– Assigning Effort by using Points to Stories using a Fibonacci Sequence
– Calculated Velocity based on last 30 days of Done Tasks
– Statuses such as Doing, Done
– Ability to distinguish between Tasks, Ideas & Bugs
Backlog Reports and Views
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I Indie Tasks daily in my workflow and will continue improving it based on user feedback as well as my own experiences.


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