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Train Sim Android with new Sounds!

Train SimulatorSounds Sounds Sounds!  

After weeks of work I am finally ready to release the new version of Train Sim.  This is a huge update addressing one of the most common requests for Train Sim; Better Sounds.

Each train engine now has its own custom sounds for its engine, horn, bell and breaks.  When uncompressed there are over 85MB of new sound data.  I think the end result is quite impressive, giving the simulation a much higher level of realism.  As a bonus I also added a rain sound that turns on during the Rain weather setting.

In this update I also fixed some smaller bugs and made some minor improvements to the Country Loop Scene train stations.


Sounds Sounds Sounds

Train Sim Southern EnglandOne of the constant complaints I get about Train Sim is that the locomotive sounds need improvement.  In the past I have been hampered by the 50 MB file limit in the Google Play store (audio files take space).  I have also had a hard time finding a sound engineer that was able to come up with these realistic locomotive sounds.

Fortunately both of these challenges are now solved.  So my focus for the next Train Sim release is to add realistic and unique audio for each of the 41 Trains in Train Sim.  I have already implemented several of the new audio effects and they sound great.

Stay tuned for more info.