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Train Sim New Airport Level Preview

This week I started working on a new version of Train Sim.  For this update I asked my Twitter & Facebook fans to vote on which Level needs to be improved the most.  The majority of my followers selected the Airport Run Level.

I have been working on the update now for a better part of the week.  I am pleased to say I made good progress.  Here is a short preview video of the new Airport Level.  Coming Soon to Train Sim!

Train Sim Release Preview

I have been working crazy hours on a new update to Train Sim.  At this point I have 2 in-progress videos I want to share with you.  The first shows of the improved Ports of Call scene, while the second videos shows off the new “wet glass” rain effect  along with working windshield wipers (a very requested feature).


I don’t yet have a release date for this new version of Train Sim.  I still need to add working windshield wipers to about 30 more trains and I was hoping that the new Train 3D model would be done in time for this release.  (not sure if this will happen)

I am however very excited about this upcoming release as I think it will address many user requests.