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Train Sim Update Live

Train Sim 2019

Train Sim Update is getting deployed to all supported ecosystems (iOS, Windows Store, Mac Store, Amazon, Android),

This process usually takes about a week or so. Its currently live on the Apple App Store & Windows Store, Mac OS & Android with Amazon coming soon!

What’s new in this update?

Completely redesigned rail system that allows me to produce fully 3 dimensional tracks as well as full 3D Electrical Wires.  So far only the rails are rendered in full 3D, the sleepers or (crossties) are still just a 2D texture, mostly for performance reasons on mobile.  However as mobile devices get faster, I will easily be able to extend this to full 3D sleepers (crossties) at very little effort. 

In fact, I can now place any 3D object along or on the rail continuously or in spots.  This opens many new possibilities in the future to allow Train Sim to grow well into the next decade.

Why did it take so long?

This was a complete redesign of a key system in Train Sim that affects every level.  The rail system is so core to the game that updating it required rewriting other key systems such as track switching, track connections, train controller, wagon controller etc.  Don’t even get me started on testing, every train wagon, track connection and level had to be tested.  And then when a bug is found, it had to be fixed and re-tested again.

What’s next?

Once the 3D model is complete my next focus will be to add the Pacific Surliner to Tran Sim as fast as possible.

Train Sim Improved Rails & Electrical Wires

Work continues on the next update to Train Sim with the main focus on improved 3D Rails & Electrical Wires.

This turned out to be more difficult than I originally thought, due to the fact that I had to update a major system in Train Sim that creates the tracks and wires on a predefined path. This means that all the tracks in Train Sim had to be remade & then re-tested.

Also because the the height of the 3D tracks have changed, I had to re-test all the Trains & Cars to ensure their positioning on the tracks is correct.

After a month of work and quite a few 12AM nights, I think all the tracks & trains are now positioned correctly. However I still have to check the positioning of all the cars & perform a full test cycle of the game.

Coming Soon to Train Sim

Metrovagonmash 81-760/761 Added to Train Sim

Metrovagonmash 81-760Train Sim 3.4.3 was release for Android.  This is a rather large update that added a new Subway Train and an amazing 3D Cab for the Challenger Locomotive.  This means that The Flying Scotsman is the last train to feature a 2D Cabin and I hope to have that fixed in the next release.  In this release I also made it possible for all opposite trains to stop at stations, making their behaviour slightly more realistic.

Metrovagonmash 81-760Here is the list of new features in Train Sim version 3.4.3:

-3D Cab for Challenger Train
-Track Switching to the Desert andMountain Scenes
-Metrovagonmash 81-760 Subway Train
-More Historically Accurate Flying Scotsman Tender
-Opposite Trains now stop on stations

This weekend I will try to get Train Sim iOS version updated as well, which means it could go live within 7-10 days.