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Train Sim New Passengers Preview

One of the frequent complains I receive from our fans is that the railcars in Train Sim are always empty. This breaks some of the immersion and is an obvious an area for improvement.

However in the past I have been reluctant to add more details to the interiors of the trains to ensure that Train Sim performs well on slower devices. Adding more polygons (3D Models) to a scene can easily overwhelm the GPU and crash the game on older phones and tablets.

The solution that occurred to me is to enable the high quality passengers for newer and higher powered devices and keep the older passenger models and empty railcars for devices that are older and less powerful.

So to that end here is a small preview of the new passenger models I am adding to the interior of railcars. I will also be replacing the passenger models currently used when onboarding and departing railcars when the train is stopped, with these higher quality ones.

Coming Soon to Train Sim

Happy Rails!