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Idle Train Tycoon (New Game)

Hi everyone, I have been a bit silent recently but that is only because I have been focused on working on a new Train game that I am ready to share with you now.

The new game is called Idle Train Tycoon and it is currently in beta testing on the Android platform. This means that for the first time I am ready to get your feedback on how the game plays.

So I would like to invite and ask everyone to download Idle Train Tycoon and give it a try. Please let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions. Send your comments to:

About Idle Train Tycoon

Are you a true train & railway fan? Become a real train tycoon by earning money & expanding your railway and upgrading your trains! In this game, you can become a real train master: build your stations, improve train efficiency, increase revenue of your rolling stock.

-Manage trains
Unlock more trains, collect different trains, and level them up! Your earnings go up as you unlock and upgrade more trains!

-Build stations for more money
Build & Improve your train stations to earn even more money from your Railway Empire! Unlock a real map of the western United States by connecting cities with rail tracks.

-Upgrade Rolling Stock
Purchase & Upgrade your trains rolling stock to unlock even more idle earnings.

-Tap Boost
Help your Train by providing it with a tap boost.

If you are a fan of idle games, you’ll definitely fall for Idle Train Tycoon! It is simple, fun, and player-friendly. Earn hundreds, thousands, millions of dollars and be amazed as the earnings accumulate into massive quantities! Can you become the world’s most powerful train tycoon?